Thursday, February 19, 2009

A music blog is in development entitled Muphoric Sounds. It will cross the gamut musically, focusing on those who are creatively free. Music is often a question, reaction or even an answer in our world, and Muphoric Sounds will be a place where artists will receive honest review, and get their message heard, read, or seen. I'm excited. Hold tight, as I move forward in bringing Muphoric Sounds to your ears.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Looking for Barack Obama

Yes, I’m joining the flock of women who are looking for their own Barack Obama's. From the strut in his walk, to poignant gaze of interest he gives when listening, the charming and alluring smile, those perfect teeth, the slim frame in suits that make the Five Percent look homeless, to the short cropped hair and the age defying grays sprinkled by his side burns, the commanding tone to his voice, and his diction which flows like the perfect composition. This man has grace, this man is distinguished, this man commands attention. I want a man. Just. Like. That. Or as close to it as possible.

A man who recognizes a wife is not only a just a wife, but a best friend, and genuinely expresses this love is just beautiful. All former presidents of our lifetime, have never displayed love so naturally and beautifully. They'd have their Stepford-esque wives on display, all possessing the same vacant gaze in their eyes. From the start, Michelle has been his cheerleader, from the pound shake to the nose rub on election night. We can understand why. If I was expecting a child right now, girl or boy, their name would be Barack.

My Barack however, might look a little different. He might be tattooed and pierced in odd places, his pants might even be sagging, he might be bald or have a mane of unruly hair, and brogues would not be his choice of footwear. But this is all surface. The qualities of my Barack would include intelligence, dedication, passion, drive, inspiration, devotion, sincerity, and a love for ME! That's my Barack. Where are you, man?!!

So yes, I'm still ridin' high on our President-elect, and even more overjoyed that The Cosby family will be moving into the White House come January. [Smiles.]

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I can't begin to tell you how moved I was last night. Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States of America! It was meant to be and feels as though it was a divine intervention. The journey was rough and still he handled himself with such grace, making his run for president the perfect one. We have lived through some serious storms, and now, we can see over the horizon that better and brighter days are ahead of us as a people. A lot is weighted on this man, and it was wonderful that Hillary Rodham Clinton acknowledged and voiced this as expectations are extremely high right now. As Obama said last night in true democratic fashion, "I need your help to make change."

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King, Jr. could walk. Martin Luther King Jr. walked so Barack Obama could run. Barack Obama is running so that we can FLY.

Celebrate our Black President by wearing the Black President T-Shirt featured above and designed by Dwayne Rodgers. Black President Apparel can be purchased at Get your shirt now, as stock will not last!

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Finally Okay To Be A Chicken

I came across this through my web travels and thought I should share. How would you feel if you received an ecard telling you to get tested for an STD? Pretty awful, I bet. Especially if you suspect, or it is implied, you are the culprit in spreading the STD. While this is a very cowardly way of letting your booty know they need to seek a cure, it is way better than not saying anything at all. allows you to send these ecards anonymously (or with your name attached), linking to information on where to get tested and provides resources for those who take their health lightly. Sending ecards like these to people who you think are living frivolously might actually get them to rethink their actions and more importantly BE SAFE. Now, I'm not implying to go out there and start scaring the exes or currents, but if you know someone who is living recklessly, a greeting card of this kind is a subtle way to get them to change or even save their life. Prevention is far better than cure.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Legalize It?

Since the Eliot Spitzer case back in March, the question of whether to legalize prostitution creeps up in the news from time to time. I'm pretty torn about it. The moralistic side of me says, Get those ho's off the street!, then my humanistic side says, They are consenting adults who live in an allegedly free world. They should be free to do whatever it is they want. However, looking at this age old profession, how really, can a government crackdown on prostitution?

Advocates believe this country would benefit by making prostitution legal. But what effects have we seen prohibition have in the past? Well... we learned that the crackdown on alcohol in the 1920s had no baring. In fact, it actually hurt the nation. We saw the birth of the bootleg trade of making whiskey and bathtub gin, which put many people in jail, cost the government (the society) money, and put citizens at risk due to its unhygienic form of production. Despite prohibitive laws, people found ways to indulge in alcoholic intake. The same is such for drugs and abortion. Activists who want prostitution prohibited, want to protect young women who have yet to develop those survival skills to combat pimps and drug lords, which breed violent, misogynistic, and oppressive behavior patterns.

I'm still stuck on the how are they going to govern this occupation? Will prospective hookers need to take a course to qualify? What will be the parameters? How will their income be monitored? What about putting some income tax on that arse?! That money might help the national deficit. Would the government become the pimp in this? How can this really be done? From what we see through the media, or even firsthand through acquaintances, these women are there for a reason, which usually is to escape something or they genuinely enjoy what they do. Policing them is moot. Mary Madeline was the first prostitute written about. And guess what happened to her? She was stoned, beaten, ostracized, and still, Jesus saw her worth. Nothing has changed. I am in no way saying that it's right, but prostitution has been around since the beginning of time. For those with the "Pay to Play" mentality, the government will have great difficulty stopping their transactions as they are completely "off the books" and often times, in private.

If the government tries to regulate prostitution, it will only cause it to form in other mediums, as we have seen through the Internet. Sex sells. Literally. We will always see help wanted/needed classified ads, Internet hook up sites, and those 900 number chat lines. Mankind is a visual and tactile one and prostitution fulfils a need for some.

So my verdict. There's that saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." It's so broken, it's unrepairable. Due to the increase of people being diagnosed with STDs, HIV and AIDS, Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis, maybe with the government's intervention, medical checkups can become mandatory. But wait, that's moot too! Who actually admits to being a prostitute? Strippers don't call themselves "strippers," they call themselves "dancers." A prostitute probably calls herself a Human Resource/Personnel Manager. With that said, tax payers hard earned cash will continue to be funneled into arresting pimps and ho's and housing them in county jails only for them to return over and over again.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Awwww, I want to visit some Jewish grandparents in Florida! I'll buy your Nana a nice shell suit, with some matching sneaks. She'll love me! And we'll get the vote. How about it?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sign Language

I often wonder, what actually goes on in a man's mind when he sees a woman he likes and she walks in a way that is obvious she doesn't want to be pursued. The above photo was first seen by me about a year ago, in my local pizzeria. As I patiently waited for my pizza slice to be warmed, I looked around Pete's Pizzeria for the first time in the 9 years that I lived in the neighbourhood and saw this photo. My first reaction was, how odd that this picture would adorn the walls in this family eatery and then it made me chuckle. American Woman in Italy by Ruth Orkin was taken in the 50s. The woman isn't particularly beautiful. She looks like a nun clasping her crucifix, mumbling Hail Mary's as she passes the unwelcoming gazes. What sets her apart from these men is that her name is simply - WOMAN.

That year I went on one of my solitary European excursions, and the country of choice was Italy. I jokingly told friends that I intended to get swept off my feet by a dashing Antonio or an adorable Gianni, drink wine and hear the sexy, overzealous accent of an Italian man, and be romanced. I needed an ego boost and was told Italy is where you go to get that. But what I met, in the hustle and bustle of Milan was Akeem, from Senegal. All my dreams of meeting a man with olive skin, jet black hair swept back and wavy, were deflated by Akeem, who turned into a stalker, like the men above. Signs were misread on Akeem's part too. He was obviously looking for his Queen, who so happened to be living in Queens at the time, and wanted to take her back to Zamunda! This Queens girl, by way of London, ran for the hills, never to see Akeem again. Maybe I missed the boat with with Akeem; he could have been a Prince, if I could have gotten past the funky stench that seeped through his pours. I might have been scooped up and be living lavishly now, walking on rose petals, and being bathed by servants. I'll never know.

Dating in New York is much of the same thing. Men just don't read the signs. You say, "I'm not looking for a relationship." Male interpretation: Good, cuz I don't want one either; I just want a good time. In other words -- a leg over. You say, "I don't want to get involved with anyone; I'm all about meeting new people and making friends." I know, cheesy line, but we do use it. However, the male interpretation is: Once she spends more time with me, she can't resist my manliness. Then you get desperate, and you tell them flat out, "I'm not interested." They still see it as an opportunity to chase, chase, chase, as that is what men do. Well, not all of them, but a lot of them.

It's pretty obvious for both sexes when they meet someone they're attracted to. The connection is made immediately, either it be through the eyes or actual body language and actions. If a woman feeds lines to stave a man off, then she does not like him, and chances are, it's not going to change. If we entertain a little drinking and dancing, hanging out, there is the potential of something, a friendship, developing. But dudes, when a woman feeds you an excuse to avoid you, she's not even wanting a friend in you. As awful as it seems, its the mighty truth. Life is too short.

Keep it moving!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Apollo Braun

Apollo Braun has been making these t-shirts for quite some time, starting with "Who Killed Obama?" "Jews Against Obama," "Obama = Hitler," and now this one featured below:

On Tuesday night, a 25-year-old woman was shoved and spat on for wearing this said t-shirt, and now she wants to sue Braun for selling her the $69 t-shirt for "all he's got," which seems crazy as one is supposed to be responsible for their own possessions; she chose to purchase the t-shirt, so in essence, has to suffer the consequences.

As we get closer to election, we will see many more onslaughts like this against Barack Obama. The reputable New Yorker magazine, added fuel to the fire with their cover treatment on Monday, where their reasoning behind the satirical caricature featuring Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, as a demonstration of how politics is marred with extremities of hate and fear and the offensive cover was a reflection of that. Fair answer, but isn't putting the image out there in the first place, and on the cover, perpetuating those extremities? Yes, the audience of New Yorker are highly intelligent, however, the humor is completely lost in light of how this presidential campaign has progressed. What is apparent is the continued confirmation that "they" (and I'll use it loosely here) can do whatever it is they want to black people, and hide behind freedom of speech and expression.

A few months ago, a Dutch artist created t-shirts to raise awareness about the violence in Sudan's Darfur region. The imagery used was an emaciated dog, holding a Louis Vuitton bag. Obviously, Louis Vuitton did not want their name or intellectual property associated with the shirts, and have since attempted to sue the group of artists. Why can't anything be done about the hate t-shirts against Obama, other than a statement expressing their disdain for it? Obama's young children have been referred to as "nappy-headed hoes," his wife accused of not being patriotic enough, and now, he's become the lowest denominator - a slave. If he was to fight back to defend himself and his people, he would be accused of playing the race card. It's a loosing battle. Oprah's endorsement of the Obama campaign caused negative press, because people like Obama (who is mixed-race) and Oprah, who has transcended her blackness to the other, cannot be seen as black. Endorsing a black nominee, is subjugating the fact that these are, in fact black people, and this campaign is constantly reminding people of that very fact.

Things have to change as our world cannot continue like this. Tune in to CNN for the two part series on Wednesday, July 23rd at 9pm and Thursday, July 24th at 9pm to watch 'Black in America with Soledad O'Brien' and hear the stark realities of this society and the plight of black people in it. Make a concerted decision to influence our youth of tomorrow. We must stop living so selfishly. We need to revisit Willie Lynch's declaration from 1712, as his words are so true to this day. Click here to read it.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Prince!

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Prince is FIFTY YEARS OLD today!!!!! How did that happen?! The man still looks amazing, has a body I'd die for, and is still as energetic as ever -- those splits and spins are danced to perfection. I left the O2 concert in London last summer jealous that I still can't move as good as him -- no matter how hard I try.

So this is my ode to Prince. Thank you for getting me through my dark teen years. My older sister was a little fast arse, and my mum not wanting a repeat in behavior, had me on lock down. NO BOYS for the little Tallowah Girl. I may not have been doing it, but I sure was listening to it. Prince had me like it was "1999," because all we needed was "DMSR (Dance, Music, Sex, and Romance)," - in my bedroom, and by myself. I honestly thought by the year 1999, we'd have cars hovering in flight to travel.

Prince's most seminal work (by my opinion) was the Around the World in a Day album, packed with gems like "Condition of the Heart," "The Ladder," "Pop Life," and the hit, "Raspberry Beret." I wore out this album, walking around with it in my clunky Sony Walkman. I actually did a dance assignment to the title song, and my classmates uncomfortably looked at each other and then back to me, in confusion as to what they were listening to - or maybe it was how I interpreted the song through dance. I didn't care, I was dancing "Around the World in a Day." Parade was so funky, I couldn't stand it - "New Position," "Girls & Boys," "Anotherloverholenyourhead," "Sometimes it Snows in April," were just brilliant compositions. But the Purple Prince Classic is the untimely Sign O' the Times. Even if you don't like Prince's music, Sign O The Times is a body of work which still blows my mind and is undeniably genius. When Sign 'O the Times: The Movie came out, I remember the Dominion Theatre on Tottenham Court Road being jam packed. You couldn't tell me I did not attend a live show of Prince that night! People were dancing down the theatre isles, clapping and singing to "Housequake," "You Got the Look," swaying to "Forever in My Life" and "If I Was Your Girlfriend," and watching Cat match Prince's moves with such electrifying sexiness, she made you sweat just looking at her. He never found dancers like Cat again (we had to stomach those boring, "flash my hair like I'm in a hair commercial" Diamonds & Pearls girls and Mayte). Where the hell is Cat?!

It's okay if his music has waned since yesteryear, as no other artist, from the start of their career in 1978, has given over 15 consecutive years of solid music. No singular artist has ever done that.

Here's a list of my favourite albums:

For You (1978)
Prince (1980)
Dirty Mind (1981)
Controversy (1982)
1999 (1983)
Purple Rain (1984)
Around the World in a Day (1985)
Parade (1986)
Sign O the Times (1987)
Lovesexy (1988)
Batman (1989)
The Black Album (Bootlegged in 1990)
Diamonds and Pearls (1991)
New Power Generation (1992)
B-Sides between 1983 and 1990

After 1992, his music did not contain the musical and lyrical creativity I'd grown to love ("International Lover" on 1999; "Positivity" on Lovesexy; "Adore" on Sign O the Times to name a few). I still continued to buy his music, but no longer with the fervor of rushing to my local Our Price, HMV or Virgin record stores on release day. Every artist has their day and we were lucky to get over 15 serious years of music from Prince (including all the side projects with fellow musical friends), Sheila E., The Time, Vanity 6, Jill Jones, Wendy & Lisa, and The Family.

So Happy Birthday, Prince! May you continue to give us shows of musical genius. I can see myself as that old lady playing Prince while my grandchildren look on and laugh, and me, not giving two monkey hoots what they think. God only knows what crap they'd be listening to as this crunked up foolishness the youth are listening to only makes me want to perform vicious acts of violence.

BTW - If you didn't know, Prince will be publishing a book in the fall with Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. It will be about his twenty-one shows last summer at the O2.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Justice - Stress

Justice - Stress from Freedom Record on Vimeo

We all remember watching La Haine, A Clockwork Orange, Fight Club, City of God, and most recently, City of Men and being horrified and saddened at the same time by the realism and poverty of these idyllic and romanticized cities. This short video, shot like a music video, so visually compelling, drawing us into the lives of the depicted thugs, that we become voyeurs, enjoying their senseless rampage in chaos and disorder. Check out the commentary about this video on Strictly Social. There's always this inherent need to theorize societies gone wrong. The bottom line is: the youth of tomorrow are idle, and if there isn't an infrastructure in place to engage them, there will always be this continued social breakdown.